JetFlix IFE provides airlines with digital entertainment solutions.

JetFlix IFE provides digital services to assist airlines in the field of passenger entertainment, be it onboard, via the IFE, as well as other creative avenues.
In today’s competitive landscape, airline passengers compare offerings between airlines on many levels when deciding which carrier to book.
Quality enroute entertainment and a robust IFE system with excellent and entertaining video content can easily sway passengers, when all other aspects of the travel experience are comparable.
Many of an airline’s best customers (frequent fliers and business class passengers) are deeply passionate about their onboard experience, travel, cutting edge digital technology, and of course aviation. It is these areas where our expertise shines.
JetFlix IFE is here to serve your airline. We can help make your passengers’​ flight experiences the best they can be. JetFlix can tailer package an aviation themed IFE channel for every airline need, and the cost is surprisingly affordable.

Please feel free to contact JetFlix IFE, so we can package a cost effective aviation channel for your airline today!