Henry Tenby

President Americas / International

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Henry is a life long aviation fan, born and based in Vancouver, Canada. He attended the aviation management program at the University of North Dakota, and then attained his MBA from UC Irvine in 1989. Henry then worked for several years as the financial planning manager for Air Canada’s northern connector NWT Air.

Two short stints in financial and marketing capacities with other airlines led Henry to launch an online aviation auction business in 1999, with an aviation video business following in 2003. He is a frequent world traveller, who enjoys keeping fit, aviation journalism, and music, and his passion for aviation keeps him entertained and on the move throughout the year.

Neils Dam - Vice President Europe/AsiaNiels Dam

Vice President Europe/Asia

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Niels comes from an aviation family and has spent a large part of his life around airports and involved in aviation. As such, many of his personal and professional interests are centred around his beloved Amsterdam Schiphol airport.

Niels is deeply passionate about all aspects of aviation, both civil and commercial, and his Dutch heritage naturally results in Dutch aviation themes holding a very special place in his heart. Producing aviation documentaries and highly immersive airline flight experience films make up some of his special talents. He is also working towards becoming a commercial airline pilot.

In his new role as Head of Content – Europe at JetFlix, Niels is tasked with growing the JetFlix brand in continental Europe, marketing the IFE component of the business, as well as networking with leading airlines to develop news stories and video reports on their operations for presentation on the JetFlix platform.